About us

About us

Founded in 2013, Top Bike tours Portugal, unipessoal, Lda referred to here in as "Top Walking Tours Portugal" is a company with experience in pedestrian and cycling tours in the city of Porto and long distance cycling routes to the north of the Iberian Peninsula and all around Portugal. Our activities are coordinated by tourism professionals, with a huge knowledge on heritage and sports.

In the end of 2017 we have changed our previous name "Fold n' Visit" to "Top Bike tours Portugal".

Since 2013 we have a big offer of different city tours in Porto. Nowadays our core business is the creation of cycling and walking holiday packages. The city tours' offer was reduced, as well as the bike renting business for longer distances. It is possible to follow our history in Tripadvisor reviews.

wlking tour around porto city

What do we do?

Top Walking tours Portugal is a provider of holiday packages and routes, which offer an incredible holiday experience, full of entertainment and leisure activities, based on quality and value. Our main product, Walking Holidays, is a service, guided or unguided, over a week, based on luxury accommodation and some meals. This tested package encompasses not only cycling, but also places great emphasis on history, architecture, cuisine and local enology.

We are here to ensure you have the best vacation possible!

We know that everyone has their own individuality, with different needs, goals and expectations. Despite all of this, we believe that with our experience, we are able to achieve client satisfaction by meeting those needs, goals and expectations!

How was Top Walking tours Portugal Born?

All started from the owner’s experience as a cycling passionate, who decided to overcome all difficulties and make a cycling trip to Santiago de Compostela. It started as a simple shop only focused on bicycle rentals and maintenance. However, the owner’s objectives were much larger and undoubtedly related to tourism. And that way was Top Bike tours Portugal born, seeking to provide an adequate service to customer needs, showing the best that cycling has to offer without the stress of having to plan, and organize, everything, and thus providing the best possible experience, whose value is the key ingredient in the ultimate satisfaction of the customer.

Our Team

Sérgio Marques

Owner / Founder

Is the Founder of Top Bike tours Portugal and was born in Portugal in 1981. He has a degree in Accounting and a great passion for sport, particularly for bicycles. He played both roller hockey and volleyball. His idea, of creating a cycling holiday and city tour company, was born through a journey that he made by bicycle with friends to Santiago de Compostela. The main goal of Sergio is transmitting his passion for cycling / city tours to his customers. His functions are related with the management of the company, financially, sales and marketing. Sergio speaks Portuguese and English....

Tiago Silva


Born in Porto in 1990, Tiago has professional qualification in Tourism and a degree in Tourism. In sports Tiago practiced swimming, skimming and was part of the scouts, gaining a great passion for adventure sports, outdoors and hiking. Tiago speaks fluent English, Portuguese and some French and Spanish. He has experience as a guide both in city tours and cycling holidays....

Henrique Vareta


Born in Porto in 1994, he has a degree in Tourism. His sport life revolved mostly around hockey and rugby. He claims to speak English and Portuguese, while also being able to make himself clearly understandable in Spanish. Although not being an extreme passionate person for cycling, Henrique as always used bicycles as his main transportation vehicle and, as such, it was only natural that he would end up working with them....

Marta Pereira


Marta was born in 1996: "Since I was a little girl, my biggest dream has ever been to become a tourist guide, because I love to discover new people and new ways of thinking. I went to the university to study tourism and, in the end of all of it, this job opportunity appeared in my way. During a whole month period, my colleagues prepared me to become an expert in this field, being supportive all along the way. Finally I had my first tour. It wasn’t long after that I also had my first review. That was, in itself, the best payment anyone could ever have had, because in this way I touched the heart of the people by showing them the amazing culture my city has to offer. I am a sports girl. I practiced badminton, karate, swimming and the bicycle was my transportation for everywhere. I speak English and Spanish, and my joy is to take my time to make your vacations worthwhile and memorable."...

José Nogueira


Born in Espinho in 1988, José has a degree in Management and Planning in Tourism. In sports, José played professional roller hockey and adventure sports. The great passion of José is travelling and experiencing different cultures, applying that knowledge to Top Bike tours Portugal business. José speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, having extensive experience as a guide for city tours and cycling holidays. José is now the owner of a company and works with little kids after classes. When available he participates in guided bike tours....

Pedro Oliveira


"Born in 1962, Pedro used to work on the banking business. "I dedicate myself now to my old passion : cycling". Pedro started working at the age of 14 in the Portuguese banking market and during this time he studied at night. Being an enthusiastic adept of sport, he has since a very young age played handball, football, karate and windsurf. But it was in cycling that he found is identity. "This is a sport in which we impose our limit in each cycling route and at the same time it gives us a sense of adrenaline and exceptional freedom." Occasionally he participates in competitions in order to develop physical form, but not seeking exceptional results. From these we can highlight the 600km of Brazil Ride, 24h MTB Lordelo , the NGPS stages in the north of the Portugal and the XCO championship from Vila do Conde. Crossing the land with his mountain bike, he already cycled the pilgrimage routes to Santiago from Porto and from France, the paths to Fátima and the Great Route of 22 Historic villages of Portugal. Pedro occasionally participates in guided bike tours, when he is available....
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