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Climate and Geography for hiking in Portugal

“The sun is out 300 days per year with few raining days” and it is perfect for walkers. Portugal coastline as nearly 1800 km, including the Madeira and Azores islands.

In general Portugal offers warm and sunny summers, mild winters, and autumn and spring are normally warm however with some wind and rainfall.

The winter in Portugal generally starts in late November and lasts till February. March, April and October are normally very mild and the summer period is a nice long period from May to September.

The summers in the North are pleasant and hot without becoming sweltering hot. The winter in Porto and inland are colder than the rest of Portugal, but the climate is still mid if compare with the rest of Europe. It can snow but is rare. It is easy to find snow in Serra da Estrela in the winter.

weather in Porto,portugal for walkers

In Lisbon and Central Portugal temperatures can go to 30 degrees easily in the summer, but with the coast fresh breeze it cools down near the coastal places.

weather in Lisbon,portugal for walkers

The summer in the southern Portugal and Algarve is very hot and dry, and it is very pleasant even in the winter times. Is probably the sunniest region in all Europe.

weather in Algarve,portugal for walkers

The important rivers in Portugal are Mondego, Douro ,Minho and Tejo. The Mondego begins in Serra da Estrela where is the highest mountain in Portugal. This river crosses Coimbra (the third big city in the country after Lisbon and Porto), and ends in the sea at Figueira da Foz. Douro and Minho both rise in Spain and flow into the Atlantic. Tejo also rise in Spain is the main river and meets the Atlantic in Lisbon.

The North of Portugal is mountainous and hilly and it is easy to find small farms and vineyards. North is cooler that the south and also have more rain. Although the mountain’s our bike tour in the North is almost flat due the fact that follows the banks Minho and Lima river.

In the South of Portugal, after Lisbon and the Tejo River, is the southern of Portugal also known as the Alentejo. Here the climate is drier and warmer than the North, and the landscape is dominated by plains and smooth hills. The Alentejo Coastline is a very wild region with stunning beaches and striking untouched nature.

More to the south is the Algarve region that is very popular because it is a tourist destination. This region is very dry and sunny and you can find here amazing beaches.

The Vicentine Coast and Algarve walk tour is a great journey for those who seek for beach and wild scenery.

In Central and Northern Portugal, the coastline as also many white sandy beaches, and in the summertime, especially in August, are full of people.

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